What you will receive in my Seminars (Week long Seminars)

  • Speaker´s Training (7 days)
  • 12-Strand-DNA in Relationships (5 days)


Write Up: Speaker´s Training

  • To work with people in groups, to raise and transform their energy, asks for specific abilities and particular tools. 
  • A great teacher is aware of the group energy every moment and is able to shift that energy carefully while passing on his knowledge and techniques.
  • This is a rare occasion to get trained by an expert for public performance.
  • In these 7 days you will learn: 
  • to evaluate the energy of the group and to find out who in particular needs your support,
  • To shift and adapt your material according to the individual group,
  • To design a 2-hours seminar,
  • To  create a one-day-workshop,
  • To master the energy dynamic of the teacher.

Write Up: 12-Strand DNA in Relationships

  • As a human being we are in an evolution process.
  • Our genes contain besides physical specifications many diverse patterns which are passed on from generation to generation.
  • We all have 12 DNA strands in our light body, two of those already materialized in the chromosomes.
  • Each strand has a specific name and a variety of qualities according to the tradition of the Mexican Curanderos. Which strands are anchored in specify your likes and how you walk through life. 
  • Find out which strands are anchored in your body and how you are in alignment with your life purpose and the DNA strands of your partner. 
  • In this 5-days-workshop you will receive 12 activations.
  • Learn how to design a plan to weaken and to delete unhealthy patterns and to enfold and to strengthen positive qualities.
  • Understand more of your divine plan and
  • Shape your future!
  • A 5-days-Intensive, including two handouts.
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