Analysis and Synthesis

In close contact with you by phone, email, skype, we will make together a profound analysis of the issues, imbalances, blockages, missing borders to find the original cause. Normally a client has a deep understanding of the occurring problem and can describe it clearly when asked specific questions. Difficult family situations, relationship conflicts, job issues are a reflection of inner disharmonies and of karmic challenges. In a dialogue we create a practical schedule with personalized homework and teaching on specific unlit areas according to your perceived needs. The homework I give you will teach you how to center within strong connections to earth, to the divine powers and to your true self, to your angels and spirit guides. You will start to observe yourself in your successful steps and most importantly to discipline your thoughts, to notice when you are negative and to correct it yourself. Through guidance and assistance in cooperation you will soon be able to receive and keep your field clear of attachments and negative energies. We look at negative thoughts, habits, patterns and find safe and clear ways in order to choose differently and to help you to find your TRUE SELF and your PURPOSE IN LIFE.










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