Seminar Weekends

  • My True Me                  3 Days
  • Silent Abuse                  2 Days

My True Me

  • A three days Intensive , including handout
  • Recognize manipulation and abuse in your life and discover the defense mechanisms and distortions you chose subconsciously to escape that.
  • Kirke´s love and acceptance will embrace you and make it so much easier to go through these three days of a very unique experience while you touch and hug your inner self. In a very short time you will succeed to look inside yourself, see your defense melting, higher self awakening and celebrate your TRUE YOU.
  • Kirke will lead you through the processes of this unique path of transformation very gently, trusting your inner wisdom and guidance while you will feel at any time fully respected, gaining self respect every step of the way.

Silent Abuse- A Gentle Approach to Disclosed Areas

  • Do you find yourself answering questions with no definite decisions, using words such as „whatever“ or „I don´t care“?
  • Do you talk mostly or only about subjects that are „safe“?
  • When children are ignored, shut out, or not spoken to, there is silent abuse. Extremes of silent abuse can be present when the adult pretends that the child does not even exist. Sometimes the whole family will pretend that a child is invisible until this type of „punishment“ is over. 
  • Silent abuse leaves mental, emotional, and spiritual scars, resulting in low self-esteem and low self-worth. Children who were silently abused tend to be silent abusers as adults. 
  • In this class the students will learn the components of silent abuse and discover how it shows up in their life. They will understand how they attract it, how they abuse silently, and what they can do, when experiencing this type of abuse from another person.
  • The class will participate in various processes for becoming aware of and healing silent abuse in their life. 


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