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    In my adult life I have studied in many directions always searching myself and a true way to truth. Without being an expert in any of the different fields of my interest - psychology, philosophie, theology, biology, shamanism, medicine and quantum physics - the journey of studying and researching have pulled together information which in the light of the Knowledge Book gave me a deeper understanding of the great picture. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go to? What happens in Death? Is there something like reincarnation? What is Karma? How are we connected to the Universe, to Cosmos?

    After decades of searching I found my spiritual truth: That we are incarnated divine beings of light inhabiting a body. For the purpose of making experiences and spiritual learning we have reincarnated innumerable times educated through Karma within a divine program. The purpose of reincarnation, as I understand, is gaining wisdom through the human experiences by resolving all of our unfinished Karma "business“. The journey throughout incarnations is the development to be a true enlightened human ascending through numerous dimensions until reaching immortality.


    In my understanding, consciousness, awareness and free will are the keys to good or bad, purity or evil. Since we are in resonance with the positive and the negative through our human nature, we can make a choice with our free will as to which direction we go. Max Planck said "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness.“ The Knowledge Book states that "Cosmic Consciousness" has been starting the creation of the universes. We learned from quantum physics that energy and matter are the same in different states of being. And quantum physics explains the pivotal role the observer plays. His thoughts change energy and matter. As John Wheeler said, "Observation is the mechanism of Genesis. The Observer is the Creator". From the Knowledge Book I learn that besides energy and matter there is a third force, thought, which is antimatter, not matter itself but creating matter. And that beyond matter and energy there is still thought. Therefor I understand that the thought of the observer is changing energy and matter. This allows my conclusion that our conscious thought is making all the difference between being healthy and being ill.

    In the simple but powerful homework that I give to my clients I ask them to connect and align within the field of positive forces around us, Earth below, Source above and Angels and Spirit Guides besides us. And I ask them to start a journal to become their own observer. To take notes of what is happening around them. And this observing starts a process of healing because thoughts influence energy – the state of my mind and matter – the state of my body. In order to find a way out of the chaos their mind or body or both are in, thoughts need to be disciplined. For our healing and our development it is essential to differentiate between positive and negative. And to make a choice for the positive. This will start the healing process which means leaving the chaos and returning to balance and to the center.



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