Seminar Days

  • Charisma - Increasing your Impact
  • Velcro Relationships
  • Undoing Vows

Charisma - Increasing your Impact

  • A balanced person reflects composure, which others notice. She does not need to persuade because her personality convinces. He does not need to fight others because he wins through his charisma.
  • Is charisma inborn or can we "learn" charisma?
  • In this workshop we start, where we are right now. With our momentary ideas, assets and weaknesses we move step by step, because only in the NOW we can make a difference. We analyse our resistance which limits us and makes us react. And we understand that whatever we experience in a moment - offers exactly the appropriate means that we need to grow.
  • Join us for this exciting day full of meaningful and enjoyable insights about yourself – when you begin to expand and strengthen your reflection. You will soon receive feedback from people around you!

Velcro Relationships

  • What happens to us, when we get stuck together like velcro in a relationship? Each and every niche of our thoughts and activities find a hook in the other person. We face each other so intensely, that the world seems to be the other person. 
  • Learn to recognize codependency in your own relationships and in the relationships of others. Obtain insight into the behaviors and patterns that cause two people to become “velcroed” to each other. 
  • When two people are in a codependent relationship, a loss of identity occurs. As two people become more and more hooked into each other, each person loses sight of who she/he really is. 
  • In this class you will work with tools and processes for rediscovering who you are, independent of your relationship.
  • As you begin to undo the velcro attachments in your life, you will form a deeper relationship with yourself. Once you know yourself, you can create healthy, not velcro, relationships. Set a firm foundation for creating healthy, mutually-satisfying relationships in your life. 

Undoing Vows

  • Starr Fuentes says: “One of the first processes I give to many of my clients involves vows that were made in the past. A vow is a promise made with such determination and resignation that it lasts until you rescind it, often carrying over from one lifetime to the next. Vows are sacred words that we speak to God. In generall they involve our agreement to do good things as well as not to do bad things.”
  • And she continues “At best these vows may simply no longer be serving us. At worst these vows may be actively interfering in our lives by keeping us from being all we can be today. Since all time is now, the good news is that you can unload the baggage from past life vows that you no longer need to carry. If your Higher Self has led you here, it means that you have fully experienced the outcomes of your action in taking the vows and you are ready to let them go. All you need to do is to ask.” 
  • Learn how to find out about your hidden vows and how to dissolve them in partner processes. Learn this technique for your clients.
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