“Kirke is a gifted catalyst, teacher and seeker who has the ability to see the core of an issue. I value her loyalty, integrity and friendship, and highly recommend her services.”

Art Jackson, Blue Dog Productions, Hot Springs, USA


"Kirke is one of those rare human beings that once you meet, you just cannot forget. Her amazing talents are a unique, scientific and subtle way to help one in all aspects of life. She is truly a gift to all humanity

Bawa Jain, Founding Secretary General, World Council Of Religious Leaders, New York, USA


“Finding your true self is an important and sophisticated process. Kirke was my teacher and advisor, only with her help I was able to accomplish it. I contacted Kirke in a very difficult moment of my life, with her profound knowledge and abilities, serious work and deep understanding, she coached and supported me to solve the impossible.“ 

Belina Kostadinova, Pianist, Zurich, Switzerland


 “My true me was an impressive journey to discover my true self. Kirke has led me through a very exciting, informative and at the same time releasing process in which I learned to detach myself from almost all my negative coinage and behavior patterns which steered unconsciously my life. Most of them have already originated during the pregnancy and the first seven years of my childhood. One AHA experience followed the other. Kirke helped me step by step to liberate my true self from the weave of blockades and obstacles. Like a butterfly slipping of his cocoon, I dropped my masks. Since that time I enjoy the pleasure of being authentic and living a fulfilled life.“

Gabriele Haschke, Journalist, Zürich, Switzerland  


“Kirke´s main ´working tool´ is the most basic, and therefore most powerful one of all: pure unconditional love to all beings. Hence, when working with her, sharp insights come gently and powerful healing occurs naturally.

In her work – be it in class or a healing session – Kirke holds a strong and precise frame, that allows the energy to work most accurately where it is most needed, and support the significant processes she facilitates.

It is a privilege and an honor to be able to recommend Kirke!”

Keren Yadid, Counselor, Modiin, Israel


“I am progressing spiritually, mentally and physically in many ways & in a big part due to your help Kirke. Thank you for sharing with me the wonderful spiritual knowledge & wisdom that you have gained in your life and teaching me how to use it properly. That has given me the right tools to overcome the issues that have held me back for so many years of my life. I am grateful that you are in my life and I hope that you have the time to continue helping other people to progress in their lives like you have helped me.”

Pedro Munoz, Cowboy boot Designer, owner of The Stallion  Boot Co. Inc., El Paso, Texas, USA


“Kirke’s love of her work and service to humanity shines through both her work and her personal life.  Her grace, commitment, and enthusiasm inspire countless individuals on their path of transformation, to be their authentic self, and to deepen the many and varied facets of their relationships.”

Selena Rodriguez, Master Teacher, Florida, USA



“I have valued the clarity and intensity of Kirke´s work for years. She is a gifted lightworker whose ability to heal through teaching and holding precious spaces is a wonderful gift for all.”

Starr Fuentes, Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Hot Springs, USA


Kirke has been blessed with powerful grace; she will lead you through your spiritual path with integrity and a great sense of commitment. She sees the powerful human being that you are and finds each time the right words and guidance to bring you within and connect the core of your own healing energies. An infinite patience, wisdom and true compassion are her inner gifts which she shares with gratefulness. In her presence, you just connect to your soul and to your true being. Her varieties of teachings allow her to help you change your awareness and discover the next step to your personal transformation. You will raise your vibration, just by being in her presence. Kirke often says "with a smile". She is the smile. It is all what it takes a pure heart and soul, to awake another soul. You couldn´t ask for more.”

Yael Benattar, Spiritual Guide and Teacher, Healer from the Heart, Ramathasharon, Israel


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